Commenting on the publication of Ofsted’s consultation on the proposed new school inspection framework, Leora Cruddas, Chief Executive of the Confederation of School Trusts (CST) said:

“The Confederation of School Trusts broadly welcomes the focus of Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector, Amanda Spielman on having the right conversation during an inspection. We welcome the rebalancing of terminal outcomes and educational quality at the heart of the new approach. We are pleased that Ofsted has recognised that in the first year of operation inspectors will focus on the extent to which schools are developing their curriculum.

Like other professional associations, we have had constructive conversations with Ofsted prior to the launch of the consultation. Ofsted is clearly engaging positively with the profession and I am sure will continue to do so through the consultation process and piloting of the proposed new framework.

We are pleased that Ofsted has acknowledged that it is not feasible to refuse in a blanket way to look at internal data. It is particularly essential that inspectors consider internal data where schools are in ‘turn-around.’

We welcome Ofsted’s clear focus on schools as safe and scholarly environments with clear expectations of behaviour.

We do however need to give more careful consideration to ‘off rolling.’ Ofsted has provided a helpful definition of this, but the concept of off-rolling is muddled in the national discourse. It is right that inspections consider levels of pupil movement between year 10 and 11, but we should not assume this is to ‘boost’ exam results. There are many and varied reasons why some young people come off roll between year 10 and 11. Inspectors need to understand these reasons. Of course, if pupils are being removed from school rolls to inflate exam results, then this is completely unacceptable and illegal.”