Connect your schools’ data to your trust-wide Management Information System

With Renaissance’s Data Integration (RDI) Services, powered by Wonde and Assembly, you no longer have to duplicate efforts by managing the same information in two separate databases. Our Data Executives will help determine the best form of data integration for your school.

We’re working with Multi-Academy Trusts including Aspire Academy Trust (Wonde MAT) & Alpha Academies Trust (Assembly MAT) to ensure that their Renaissance Data Integration is efficiently linked to their respective cloud-based Management Information System.

This means that trust-level staff can easily identify and analyse comparable data across all schools, using RDI, saving them valuable time and cost.
Are schools throughout your Trust using Renaissance Learning programmes including Accelerated Reader and Star Reading? Then get in touch with our Multi-Academy Trust specialist team to find out how you can make sharing data across your trust, simpler than ever before.

Or call us on 0207-184-4000 and ask to speak to Dina Mistry