CST’s sector-led ‘white paper’ on the future shape of the education system in England

This paper sets out a direction of travel and calls for all political parties work to together with the sector to agree a long-term plan for education, to complete the reform journey which has its origins with the Labour administration at the turn of the century and has continued through the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition and successive Conservative governments.

CST School Funding Policy Paper

As a first principle, CST believes that schools should be funded in a sufficient, equitable and sustainable way.  The future of our society and our economy depends on the knowledge, skills and qualities of our children and young people.

MAT assessment

Half of our children and young people in England are educated in the academy system. Over the past eight years, multi-academy trusts have become a powerful force in education reform. Trusts are the legal entity and accountable body for the schools in each group. As the accountable body (and because of the amount of public money), the public has a right to feel confident in the quality of leadership and governance exercised by the trust. 

CST has developed concrete policy proposals for MAT assessment which we are discussing with the Secretary of State and senior civil servants.