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  • Membership benefits

    We are the membership organisation for organisations. This means that the organisation – the Trust – is the member.

    When your Trusts joins CST, we support the whole of your executive team, the trustees and the trust board as a corporate entity.

    We are the voice for Trusts at a regional and national level. We are the forum for school trusts to belong to something bigger than yourselves in order to speak authoritatively to government.

    Please complete the form below. We will confirm details of your membership and send you an invoice for your relevant annual subscription.

    Subscription rates

    CST membership fee structure (based on number of schools), payable by annual direct debit. An additional administrative charge of £50 + VAT is added to your subscription if you choose to pay by BACS or cheque.
    No. of schoolsDiscount percentage (%)Primary/Special with discount (£)Secondary with discount (£)Mixed mat with discount (£)
    1 School1252500
    3 - 530319638478
    6 - 1045 - 505191,038778
    11 - 20 Schools55 - 657611,5211,141
    21 - 30 Schools651,1162,2311,673
    31 - 40 Schools651,5533,1062,330
    41+ Schools702,1164,2313,173

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