Leora Cruddas: Time for education sector to complete the reform of England’s education system

Leora Cruddas, Chief Executive of the Confederation of School Trusts (CST), today launched a call for evidence to develop a sector-led White Paper on the future shape of England’s education system.
At CST’s summer conference, she called for the education sector to complete the reform of the system
Ms Cruddas set out five key areas for the White Paper:
One system – as opposed to the current “expensive and confusing” two-tier system, one of standalone schools maintained by local authorities and one of legally autonomous schools, many operating as part of a group or school trust
Teacher professionalism – the CST is proposing to establish a body of knowledge which supports initial teacher education, induction and post-qualifying professional development
Curriculum – the CST proposes that school trusts have clearly articulated education philosophies and harness the best evidence on curriculum design and implementation so that every pupil is able to access an ambitious curriculum
Funding – the CST is today launching an online tool to help schools and school trusts strategically plan, and is also publishing a paper highlighting where strategic additional investment is needed
Accountability – the CST believes there should be a single regulator and, separately, an independent inspectorate, each with clearly understand authority, decision-making powers, legitimacy and accountability
Leora Cruddas, Chief Executive of the Confederation of School Trusts (CST), said:
“The sector must step up to bring our half-reformed education system to its conclusion. As a trusted profession, it is for us to offer detailed and specific policy proposals.
“CST’s mission is to build an excellent education system in England, with every school part of a strong and sustainable group in which every child is a powerful learner, and adults learn and develop together as teachers and leaders. A two-tier system is expensive and confusing. And there is now stronger evidence that groups of schools working together in a single governance structure are educationally and financially stronger.”
“In teacher training, the curriculum, funding and accountability, greater clarity of function and purpose can ensure we continue to improve the system so that it is truly coherent.
“We can shape the system so that it achieves this and so that we complete its reform.”