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RM is also offering Easimaths, primary school maths software, for free for 4 months.

RM Unify is software that makes it easier for teachers and students to get logged on and access the resources they need, using a single username and password from any device anywhere that has an internet connection, helping teachers to set up learning resources and get easier access to Office 365 and G Suite.   Find out more here.

Earlier this year, the leading edTech business, RM Education, undertook research with the NSPCC to understand how key staff in schools, including senior leaders and designated safety leads, were keeping students and staff safe online.

This work identified some disturbing conclusions:

  • only 37% of respondents felt very confident in identifying and handling online abuse incidents involving children
  • only 15% of Primary and 18% of Secondary respondents said they were very confident in their school’s approach to online safety
  • despite being a key point of guidance in KCSiE 2018, 30% of Secondary and 73% of Primary respondents have no software in place to monitor online activity and identify threats and risk of harm

The full research results can be found here.

At CST we agree that the research suggests without doubt that schools need reliable and effective advice when it comes to safeguarding online, so we are very pleased to see that RM Education have already produced a practical guide for school staff involved in online safety, designed to provide them with specific advice and reflective questions to help inform and guide their development of online safety policy and practice. CST members can find it here.